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Common Misconceptions About Starting A Group Home

The term “group home” has had a bad rap for a long time, despite there being a rapidly growing demand for such homes in this country. Housing insecurity is on the rise, and more Americans are finding themselves in need of transitional housing. Here we address the leading misconceptions about group homes.

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What Are Shared Housing Clients Looking For in the Industry?

Taking the next step toward investing in and building a Shared Housing business requires doing your homework. Like other service-oriented companies, investing in recovery homes involves knowing what clients are looking for in the industry. Here’s a list of attributes that you will want to consider for your future Shared Housing business.

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Ahead of The Curve with Impact Investing

Our world is changing at an incredible rate, and investing isn’t what it used to be. Some of the most prominent entrepreneurs and organizations are doubling down on philanthropy and impact investing. Where should investors turn to make a significant difference while making a profit?

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Why Recovery Homes Are So Critical

Sometimes people need a little help. Most people aren’t looking for a handout, but sometimes they need a little help. Our communities’ strength comes from the people, and right now, there is a significant need for more recovery homes owned and managed by people who genuinely want to help others in their time of need.

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Transitional Housing: What Is It & Why?

Transitional housing has become a growing need in the United States. Housing insecurity stems from a multitude of circumstances and hardships. The government offers subsidies for those who choose to help address this issue. Where there is need, there is opportunity; not only to do good, but also to do well.

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This Business Is Redefining the Entrepreneur

To most people, an entrepreneur is an independent and ambitious go-getter looking to make much money. While that is usually true, there is a fundamental shift from simply wanting to make money toward making money while doing good in the world. Shared housing is one of these incredible opportunities.

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Discover How to Fund Your Freedom with 4 Single-Family Homes

We want to share our Shared Housing 101 presentation with you to help you discover how you can play a role in this impact investing opportunity.